Services we offer

Lets create something that the world can see, use, and like.

If doing it yourself is just not cutting it, then hire the Beatzz team to take some of the weight off. Lets work together to create and maintain an amazing brand.

Pick a service that suits your needs and lets talk.

Web Design

Let us design your website. We’ll create something that works for you. Click button below to get started. 


Logo Design

We’ll create an amazing logo that resonates with your business. Click button below to get started.

Digital Marketing

We’ll create an amazing marketing strategy that will take your business to the top.


We’ll create an amazing SEO strategy that will help you rank well on Google and other search engines.

IT Help For Seniors

We assist in helping seniors with technology. That means connecting it, helping them understand how to use it. This service comes with extreme patience.

Social Media Management

We have a team of social media professionals that can manage your accounts so you don’t have to. 

Website Hack Recovery

We restore web files that have been hacked by online hackers. Don’t panic!  Let us look into it. We speacialize in hack recovery. Once restored we can set up security options 

Web Hosting

Let us host your website files. You’ll have 24/7 support. Daily Backups. Security monitoring, and lots more.

Website Maintenance

Let us maintain your presence online

  1. Security Monitoring
  2. Malware Removal
  3. Plugin Updates

Music Composing

We create music for advertising projects, album projects, and anything you require custom music for.

Here’s our process

  1. You’ll receive a free 1 on 1 consultation.
  2. Select a service we provide.
  3. We come up with a plan to move forward.
  4. We send you an awesome quote.
  5. You accept.
  6. We execute.
  7. Don’t memorize this, we’ll have it all in your quote.

Contact Number: 403-998-1817